My name is Alex Workman. I consider myself to be an average American 23 year-old.  I consider my girlfriend and my family to be the most important things in my life. I recently graduated with a degree in accounting and finance and am pursuing a master’s degree in accounting.

I decided to try something outside of the realm of business and took a course in simple living. That’s how I got here today. I made this website to help record my journey and to help guide others who might want to do something similar or who want to simply learn what it takes to live a simple life.


When I first started trying to incorporate simple living into my lifestyle, I wrote about my ideal simple life:


Five to ten years from now, I imagine waking up to the sound of farm animals as the sunrise comes through the window of our house. I would spend the morning getting up at my own pace with Elizabeth. Neither one of us would have a standard nine to five job anymore. We’ve always talked about having children and it has been our dream to be able to both stay at home to raise them. In this ideal simple life, they would be a big part of it. Elizabeth and I would have a cup of coffee before waking the kids to tend to the animals. As the morning rolled on, we would have children from our nature based pre-school trickle in.

We would teach the children about gardening, animals, and nature through activities based on exploration and games. Because of our financial independence, we could charge a very small fee so that our preschool would be affordable for everyone. I would play my guitar at my leisure and maybe even offer music lessons. We would live close to a city or town so that I could still meet with groups to train jujitsu and participate in competitions. I would spend a few hours each day focusing on learning new techniques or sharpening old ones. One day, I would like for my children to learn as well.

Our house would contain no televisions. We may have a single computer, to help us keep in touch with relatives and friends through email. In today’s world completely forgoing one seems to be too extreme. My list of games, however, would not be downloaded. We would only have a house phone to avoid the feeling of being chained constantly to a cell phone (which is something that we both struggle with today). Our children would be encouraged to play outside and to be creative. Our kids would have a small number of toys to help push them in that direction. We would travel, or do nice things for one another, rather than buy gifts at every occasion. We would make it a point to spend time with our parents and siblings and to keep a close-knit family. We would encourage our children to pursue things that are of interest to them and to continue their lives in the same way we taught them. In short, we would live free, the way we want, without the distractions of too many belongings, whether they be physical, digital, or otherwise.