Other Sites

Listed below are websites/blogs that helped kickstart my journey into the simple life. They are listed in order from most to least influential in my simple life philosophy.


The Minimalists

This blog covers seemingly every topic on decluttering one’s life, whether it be physically, financially, or emotionally. Its focus is on getting rid of the unimportant things in one’s life, so that focus on the things that are important is achievable. “Less is more” comes to mind when looking through this. The blog says that decluttering can mean different things to different people and that it doesn’t always have to mean getting rid of everything. Although the guys who run the blog are big on getting rid of material possessions, topics go much further and range from learning how to get out of bad relationships, minimalist advice on finances, career discussions, and much more.

Financial Integrity

The focus of this blog is becoming at peace with one’s financial situation. It offers a program to teach people how to maximize the money they have, make responsible choices, and avoid wasteful spending. The idea behind the blog is to get people to make meaningful and effective use of their money by only spending it in ways that are in line with their goals. The program does this by getting people to ask themselves questions that keep each expenditure in line with goals and by helping visualize purchases as time spent (or as they call it “life energy”), rather than money.

Becoming Minimalist

Similarly, to the first blog on this list, Becoming Minimalist focuses on a “less is more” approach to life.  However, while the first website seems to focus on education and artistic expression of minimalism, this website seems to offer more in the way of step by step guides to becoming a minimalist. Another interesting idea on minimalism presented in this blog is about decluttering one’s life through getting rid of, or spending less time with technology and connecting with the outside world instead.

Money is Not Important

This blog has a Pinterest or Tumblr-like quality to it. Instead of just having articles or essays posted one after another, it has many different types of media strewn across it, like a bulletin board. In short, the author of the website wants to teach people to live a happy life through financial simplicity and literacy and, in turn, hopes to give people the ability to pursue their passions. In the blog, the author says that the key to happiness lies somewhere between finding a way to stay financially afloat, while not being consumed with the longing to always have more money.

Mr. Money Mustache

This is a step by step guide to getting on financial solid ground. The author tells of his own experiences, which at the beginning seem like that of an average American. He then talks about how he got to where he is now- jobless, but living a comfortable life with a nice income. This is without any magic or luck. He walks the audience through how to get where he is today, no matter the background anyone comes from. Although his method requires quite a bit of frugality and simple living, the rewards that he talks about seem to be the goals that most people would like to achieve. The best part of it all, is that it is incredibly simple.

Slow Your Home

Slow your home is about finding peace by slowing down and enjoying life. Part of the experience includes letting going of unnecessary physical things like many of the other simple living blogs. The difference here lies in the focus on mentally being okay with the world around you and finding peace in it. Some of the topics emphasized are becoming comfortable with the things you do, finding time to slow down, and clearing space in your home and mind.

No Side Bar

In addition to blog posts, this website offers a 30-day course on how to live a simpler life. It touches on topics ranging from letting go of physical belongings, learning how to be financially sound, and more. It covers many topics that help live an overall simple life. Posts come from many different authors and offer different perspectives and experiences on simple living and the transition from “normal life” to the “simple life”.

Midway Simplicity

In response to extreme cases of simple living that seem too far for the average person, the creator of Midway Simplicity created his blog for the everyday person. This blogs caters more to the average people who want to live simply and takes less extreme approaches to getting them there. The blog still covers a wide array of topics including letting go of sentimental items, financial literacy and more.

Simple REV

This website seeks to create a community of people who want to live simply, so that the movement can be supported and grow. The group hopes to get people to stop living lives based on consumerism and instead look to find meaning from inside. They believe that happiness is achieved through experiences, such as building a sense of community and helping those who are less fortunate. In encouraging a simple lifestyle for its following, Simple REV hopes to curb many of the challenges faced in regards to sustainability.

Simple Living Global

This blog takes an inside-out approach to simple living. The author teaches people that simple living comes from the way you treat your body. This includes taking care of yourself by staying away from substances that take you away from the real world and real experiences. These include sugar, alcohol, and caffeine- to name a few. It also talks about treating yourself right by listening to what your body tells you. For example, when your body tells you that you’re tired, you go to sleep. The blog also includes posts and testimonials from people who are practicing this body focused version of simple living.